Solution - Focused Approach

Supporting Clients in Living to Their Fullest Potential

Need assistance to feel empowered? Looking for solutions to life challenges? I utilize a variety of therapeutic techniques and instructions equipping you with the strategies and apparatuses for solution-based thinking! Helping you to get out of that rut! Making progress and moving forward.



Individual Counseling Session

This is an opportunity to explore, reflect, and address life challenges in a one-on-one setting. It is a time dedicated to you, and you alone. Individual sessions allow you to work towards your aspirations at your pace. My role is to give you the tools and techniques needed to help you to thrive and live your best life. After several sessions, you will become knowledgeable at handling situations whenever and wherever they emerge. Call now to schedule a session.



Relationship Counseling

Life tosses many challenges at us. These challenges carry ripple effects that spill over into every area of our lives, especially our relationships. While we cannot foresee the outcome of any situation, we can take control of how we respond. With my sessions, you will learn tools and strategies on how to mend, maintain, or repair the relationships in your life.



Group Counseling

Looking for a group setting? Need additional support? The group counseling settings will allow you not only to work with me, but with other individuals with similar struggles. In a safe, confidential setting, members can share personal experiences, feelings, and issues and receive feedback and support from peers. The goal of group counseling is to instill hope and bring people together. There is strength in numbers! Get in touch today and start taking control of your life!

I Offer HIPAA Compliant Online Video Counseling

Online Counseling is Available by appointment only.
If interested, send your email indicating Online Counseling

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We also Provide Services for:

    • Self-Esteem & Self-Worth
    • Marriage and Couples Counseling
    • Pre-Marital Counseling
    • Individual and Group Counseling
    • Spiritual and Pastoral Counseling
    • Anxiety and Stress Reduction
    • Grief and Loss
    • Trauma and Crisis


  • Anger Management (court-ordered)
  • Developmental Life Transitions
  • Career Development
  • Personal and Professional Goal Setting
  • Life/Coping Skills
  • Peer Relationships and School Issues
  • Healing Modalities (in the areas of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness)

Please download applicable form and fill out prior to your initial appointment. For all Telehealth sessions, please scan or email forms to: [email protected]